Otaviano Bodega & Vinedos was born in 2005 when Euclides, Caetano, Otávio, Ricardo, João Carlos and Jorge, Brazilian and Argentinian friends, passionate about wine and Argentina, decided to enter the world of wine by choosing Alto Agrelo, Lujan de Cuyo, one of the most elegant and distinguished terroirs for all Argentine reds, specially Malbec, the emblematic grape of Argentina.

Otaviano Bodega & Viñedos is focused on the production of high quality wines with careful working its vineyards through the use of Precision Viticulture techniques with the objective of reaching expressive wines that truly represent its origin.


Euclides Penedo Borges

Founding Partner

Jorge Cahiza




Our winery of contemporary and minimalist design was built with traditional materials from the area and with glass that privileges the landscape of our vineyards by the Andes foothill.

Grapes are picked by hand in 18kg boxes and then carefully selected. Strict control of all the winemaking stages allow us to extract the maximum expression of Alto Agrelo terroir.  


Our wines are tailored respecting the vineyards characteristics. Therefore, each parcel is treated according to its grape varietal and according to the wine that will be elaborated. Yields are adjusted aiming at the ideal balance of the vines.

The winery has a set of 17 stainless-steel fermentation and conservation tanks, fitted with temperature control system. Our wines are distinguished by the balance between the characteristics of each varietal and its passage through oak barrels.

At the underground cellar, where humidity and temperature are also controlled, the wines are stored in french and american oak casks, and bottled wines are kept until their maturation process finishes.

The production and storage of our wines combine traditional and vanguard techniques to obtain high-end wines.




Otaviano Bodega & Vinedos is located at Alto Agrelo, Lujan de Cuyo, at 1050 meters above the sea level.

The region has an adequate solar exposure with few cloudy days, average annual temperature of 15 °C, wide thermal amplitude (16 °C) and annual rainfall of 237 mm, distributed in summer and winter seasons.

The soil is alluvial, where the loam clay soils predominate, with some franc-silty and sandy-loam areas.  The use of Precision Viticulture techniques - a set of techniques and tools applied to the vineyard handling - allows the production of different grape characteristics suitable to each wine that has been designed.
At the 48 hectares vineyard the following grape varietals are produced: Malbec (24 ha), Cabernet Sauvignon (9 ha), Syrah (6 ha), Chardonnay (3 ha), Sauvignon Blanc (3 ha), Petit Verdot (2 ha) and Cabernet Franc (1 ha).



Intensity and balance, in a perfect combination:  the style of our wines results from a permanent search for the best expression of our vineyard of altitude in Alto Agrelo, Lujan de Cuyo at 1,050 meters above sea level.

Expresión Varietal Reserva
Expresión Terroir  Gran Reserva
Expresión Parcela


We welcome you to take a walk around the vineyard, where our Penedo Borges wines are tailored, and fully enjoy the landscape and architecture. Our Hospitality team can provide private tours, tank and bottle wine tasting and a learning experience of our local gastronomy, where we privilege simple and tasty recipes that match our wines to their best.

In addition, we can also offer the carrying out corporate and social events such as wedding or birthday parties in this unique natural and breathtaking environment.


We offer a special experience guided by our hospitality and enoturism staff

reservation +5492613378022

To enjoy the best of each of the Penedo Borges wines, we propose to harmonize with the gastronomy of the prestigious Dantesco restaurant

The winery and its gardens are designed to welcome visitors, social and corporate events.




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Otaviano Bodega & Viñedos, is located at the highest part of ​​Alto Agrelo, Luján de Cuyo, 300 meters south of the International Route N ° 7, kilometer 8. The property has 69 hectares, 48 ​​of which are covered with vineyards.